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Ofloxacin 200mg Tablets - Antibiotic

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Ingredients: Each tablet contains

Ofloxacin ................... 200 mg

Excipient .................... 1 tablet


     - severe bronchitis due to bacteria, pneumonia.

     - Chlamydial infection at the cervix or urethra or without or without gonorrhea, uncomplicated gonorrhea, prostatitis, urinary tract infections.

     - Skin and soft tissue infections, bacterial colitis.

Usage - Dosage: Drinking after meals.

     - Adults take 400 mg - 600 mg / day, divided into 2-3 times. Reduce the dose in patients with impaired renal function.

     - Urinary tract infections complications: 2 times x 200 mg / day.

     - Skin and soft tissue infections, severe bronchitis: 2 x 400 mg / day x 10 days.

     - Gonorrhea, uncomplicated: 400mg, single dose.

     - Prostatitis: 2 times x 300mg / day x 6 weeks

     - E. coli or K. pneumoniae bladder inflammation: 2 times x 200mg / day x 3 days.

     - Bladder inflammation caused by other bacteria: 2 x 200mg / day x 7 days.

     - Chlamydial infection (uterus and ureter): 2 times x 300 mg / day x 7 days.


     - Allergic to or with the derivatives of quinolones

     - Pregnant women and nursing mothers.

     - Children under 15 years old

Special considerations and warnings when using the drug: Precautions for people with a history of epilepsy or CNS disorders, who decrease renal function (dose reduction).

Unwanted effects of the drug:

     - Allergic skin.

     Neurology: Headache, dizziness, fatigue, tremor, insomnia, nightmares, visual disturbances.

     Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

     - Discontinue treatment if there are serious mental, neurological and rash reactions.

Effects of medication when driving and operating machinery: Ofloxacin can cause dizziness, visual disturbances affect the control of the vehicle or operate machinery.

Use in pregnancy and lactation: Not for use in pregnancy and lactation

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