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Packaging:100 bags x 2 gramDetailsArtichoke tea is diuretic, recommended to diabetics as it helps to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood, helps ..
Packing: Tra trinh nu hoang cungEnhances the resistance of the body, regulates blood, preventing the formation of tumors.For prevention and promo..
Packaging: 100 bags x 2 grammPhyllanthus SP is a wild herbal remedy, traditionnally calles "serrated cirinus". The herb has long been used instea..
PACKING: 2x Box 100 TabletsFo-Ti, or Ho Shou Wu translates to roughly "Mr. Ho's black hair". The name comes from a legend that an impotent, elderly ma..

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Packing: Bag of 100gram.Content:Oolong is a kind of tea with specific flavor and is a famous product of China. In the old day, Oolong tea comes into r..
Packing: 1 box of 20 bags, 2gram/bag- Helps reduce abdominal pain due to cold, full stomach; People with cold, cold hands, cold cough.- Do not use in ..