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Agar Wood Wristlet 04

  • Product Code: Handmade
  • Availability: In Stock

Material: Natural Tock Vietnam

Diameter: 30 cm

Number of beads: Depending on customer requirements - suitable for wrist size

Size men or women carry.

Natural aroma.

Special features of rattan oil:

Creation of agave on the tree can be said to be a masterpiece of nature.

Frankincense is made from the spirit of Heaven - Earth.

The precipitation of oil or oiliness in the body of the plant in different shapes.

One of the unique shapes is the trousers - like curly threads that make up a very beautiful and unique Frankincense vein.

Each grain at the same time grinds the shape of the various Agarwood-like clusters, which form a unique chain of products.

Confidently say that he owns a unique product of Agarwood!

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