How to build a multilingual website? Get the most out of your existing investment.

Multilingual static content, multilingual blogs, the onboarding process and pricing information. Contact us to say hello to a whole new world of customers.


Multilingual static content, multilingual blogs, the onboarding process and pricing information…

Table Of Contents

  1. Creation
  2. Management
  3. Deletion



  • Contact Us - We would require,
    1. Your current, or proposed website, or portion of website,
    2. Your preffered target language(s),
    3. Your contact details.
  • Proposal - We will provide an execution proposal which covers,
    1. Rebuilding your website to our specifications,
    2. Estimates around translation, assuming human translators for all content,
    3. Options around deployment, the preffered method of deployment is a DNS redirect.
  • Legal
    1. Bi-directional NDA
    2. Managed Service Contract: Simplified, all content and styling is provided by your firm, any translations are owned by your firm, and the underlying artifact is owned by QBLMedia.


  • A website in your preffered language!
    1. You are encouraged to start with a single language,
    2. Often the first multilingual site is a microsite, with a subset of the content provided by your main website.



  • We put trackers on your main website, and any content changes are mirrored by our internal process.
  • New (translated) content generally gets published after one business day.
    1. If the language you require translations into is less common, this may get pushed out depending on timezone and translator availability.


  • Quarterly/Monthly reporting is available, upto pre defined levels of specificity. Contact Us for more information.
  • The website can include custom trackers as required to track your clients.


Use Cases

  • Targetted seasonal microsites, as an example, a Chinese or Japanese microsite aimed at Golden Week.


  • Once the website is taken down, the entire artifact can be preserved in perpetuity, or can be destroyed as required.
  • Translations can be extracted and provided seperately, generally in a preffered file format. Contact Us for more information.